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Available Pro-Licensed Themes

Are you looking for a professional theme for your law firm's website? We have several of the top themes available in 2023. Every one of our themes was chosen with a specific end-user in mind.
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Easy To Edit

Kadence and Elementor are both designed for easy editing. These are great choices for any client that may want to make design changes later on.

Speed Is Key

Oxygen and Breakdance are lighter and faster than most other page builders. These are great options if you plan to have a web-guru on hand for any custom code.

Accessibility In Mind

All of our themes are created with accessibility in mind. These means that no users are excluded because of a disability.

Mobile Responsive

All of our themes are created with accessibility in mind. These means that no users are excluded because of a disability.
breakdance theme wordpress design by alante web design

Breakdance Builder: More Than A Theme

You know, with the plethora of WordPress themes out there, it's quite a challenge to find the perfect fit. Enter Breakdance Builder. With its potent drag-and-drop capabilities and a mind-boggling 130+ elements, it doesn't just let us customize your site; we personalize it to represent your firm and clients.

Ever heard the phrase, "Global settings, local vibes"? Okay, maybe I just made that up. But with the global settings and dynamic templates, making sitewide changes takes seconds.

Have you ever felt that pang of disappointment when a theme doesn't have that one element you so badly want? With Element Studio, that’s a thing of the past. If you dream it, we can create it. By the way, a little secret? Breakdance Builder is our secret sauce for this site too!

Oxygen Builder: Breathe Life into Your Ideas

Oxygen Builder isn't just another WordPress theme. Think of it as an artist's palette, packed with a spectrum of design elements, from zesty animations to elegant forms and captivating galleries.

The best part? You don't need to be a tech wizard to get the hang of it. Designing your dream website visually without diving into the murky waters of coding? Oh yes! If you're on the hunt for a theme that's as adaptable as water, giving shape to your unique needs, Oxygen Builder is your go-to.

A theme with developers in mind, custom CSS and PHP options make this a builder for the ages.

oxygen pagebuilder
kadence theme wordpress web design by alante web design

Kadence: Speed and Style

In the digital world, speed is the name of the game. Kadence understands that. As a lightweight WordPress theme, Kadence is like that sporty convertible - sleek, fast, and always making a statement. With a plethora of customizable design options, it's as if you're getting a bespoke suit but without the hefty price tag.

And those pre-built templates and widgets? Consider them your trusty toolkit, helping you craft that impeccable, professional look for your website. For those valuing swift load times without compromising on style, Kadence strikes the perfect chord.

Elementor: Design Meets Simplicity

When you think of iconic duos, what comes to mind? Peanut butter & jelly? Batman & Robin? How about Elementor's drag-and-drop builder paired with its expansive range of design elements? It's truly a match made in digital heaven.

And those pre-built templates and widgets? They're like your trusty sidekicks, ready to help you whip up a masterpiece in no time. If you're itching for a theme that blends the art of design with the simplicity of user-friendly interfaces, Elementor is the shining knight you've been waiting for.

elementor pro theme wordpress design by alante web design
At Alante Web Design, we specialize in creating beautiful and functional WordPress websites that help law firms and local businesses in Binghamton and beyond succeed online.