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Just as every book needs a captivating cover to draw readers in, your online presence requires a website that reflects the essence of your stories and the uniqueness of your authorial voice.

At Alante Web Design, we specialize in turning the pages of your journey into a visually stunning and user-friendly website that becomes your readers’ favorite online destination.

Speak in Your Voice, Shine in Your Style

Your website is more than just a digital space. It’s an extension of your creativity, a hub for your community of readers, and a showcase of your works. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your voice and vision throughout the design process.

We also offer a ton of features specific to authors that make their lives easier. Leave the site to us and you can get back to writing.

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Social Media Integration

Connect your site to your social media profiles, share your latest posts, tweets, and updates. Keeping your audience engaged with your latest announcements.

Book Sales Platform

Directly sell your books, e-books, and audiobooks through your website. Offer special editions or signed copies exclusively to your readers.

Mailing List Sign-Up

Grow your community by integrating a mailing list sign-up form. Keep your readers informed with newsletters, book launch announcements, and exclusive content.

Helping you Craft Your Saga

Your Words, Our Canvas

WordPress is the ultimate drafting table for your online narrative. Our custom development ensures your site is as unique as your writing style.

A Tale That Transcends Devices

Your audience can immerse themselves in your world, whether they're on a desktop at dawn, a tablet at twilight, or a smartphone at midnight.

Your Personal Bookshop

Think of this as setting up your own bookstore, where your books find their way into readers' hands directly from the source. We create seamless shopping experiences, making it easy for fans to purchase your works, signed copies, and merchandise.

Contact Forms

It's amazing how many people prefer forms on the page instead of pop-ups. We make sure you have subscription forms and contact forms right where your readers expect them to be.

No pop-ups, flashing animations, or spammy feeling pages on our sites.

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