Harmony West Books

Harmony was a new author coming out with her first book. She wanted something she could easily build onto later, but could get her going so she wasn't missing out on sales. She had a few things that were important to her in the final product.

  • A page like Linktree to send everyone to from her social media.
  • Somewhere to sell signed copies if any readers wanted them.
  • A directory for each book on where people could find it.

With her 2nd book out and more on the way shortly, the site is growing every month and she loves how easy it was to update with any new books she's been working on.

illustration of harmony west reading a book

Linktree Alternative

While Linktree isn't likely to go anywhere soon, it's always nice to be in control of your content and know your page isn't going down on a whim. Writing spicy romance is an easy way to get banned nowadays, and a website can keep that from happening.

We also set up google analytics. This is a great way to see how customers are using the site and how long it takes them to find the information they're looking for. Harmony's average checkout happens in less than 5 clicks from when someone arrives on her links page.

My website is beautiful, functional, and branded exactly like I wanted

Book Archive

Harmony wanted a good place to show off her new books and any details that might go along with them. Something easy to update that didn't make her design every page was perfect.

ARC Requests

We gave her a start to her ARC request form to target high-intent readers that would help spread the word.

Sample Downloads

We connected Bookfunnels to protect the full content while allowing samples to be downloaded right from the site.

Retailer List

A list of all available retailers allows readers to pick where to download their eBook or buy their paperback.

Hidden Spoilers

A lot of readers think that content warnings are spoilers, so we hid them behind a toggle for anyone that wants to see.

Signed Copies

A lot of readers don't mind paying a little extra to get a signed copy from an author they love. 

Fast Checkout

We built the site with user flow in mind. 80% of her conversions happen within 5 clicks from readers entering the site.

Payment Options

Stripe and PayPal integration means customers can use their preferred payment gateway at checkout.

Related Merch

Harmony can easily add shirts, mugs, or blankets as she designs them. A warm cozy sweater can be great for a rainy Sunday book

Personalized Books

When you control the platform you control the experience. She adds a note or bookmark to tell readers thank you!


While most of her success is due to her work on social media, she's had a lot of sales come through for signed copies. Knowing where her traffic is coming from and going to has helped her focus her efforts on things that actually help sell books.

Less time digging through analytics means she spends more time writing than she has in years.

User Flow

Optimizing for an easy user experience means higher conversion rates. 6% of the people that land on her links page end up with a signed copy.

Keep More Money

Skipping the middle man means Harmony gets to keep more of the money than other platforms.

Mailing List

We hooker her up with an automated mailing system for her subscribers. This keeps them informed on new releases and builds a community.

Weekly Updates

She decided to go with our basic maintenance plan to keep everything up to date. Daily backups and weekly updates means everything is safe.

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