HEPCO Quarries

HEPCO Quarries is a local Bluestone Quarry that provides beautiful stone across the country. While they used to be the Belle of the ball, over the years they noticed less traffic coming from the website.

Brad originally called because their site had crashed. After dealing with people on Fiverr, he decided to give me a call. We had the site up in a couple hours, but it was only a band-aid. The outdated theme was causing PHP issues when the host auto-updated PHP versions. Keeping it at an outdated version would be an additional monthly cost.

After a short talk, Brad agreed it was time for an upgrade. A "copy and paste" of old content on a new theme with a new layout. However, we quickly ended up a lot deeper into a full redesign once he saw the potential.


Where we ended up

2 months into the project we were still getting new copy. This totally changed the layout of the site from the original; which was a very light read.


We made sure to get a feel for what HEPCO Quarries is all about. Understanding their needs and expectations for the new site.


We looked at his competition and saw where we could improve. This included design, user flow, as well as SEO planning.


We looked at current rankings and provided keywords and article ideas for Brad to target while he was working on the copy.


We used WooCommerce to cover the product layout, and Breakdance Builder covered the forms and Google API's.


We added a custom post type for his customer reviews. Brad can add a review in minutes without needing to give us a call.


After the issues caused with his original site, Brad decided to stick with us for the next year of site maintenance.

Great experience working with Alex new website turned out great!

Updated Company History

After years of quarrying, Brad had a lot more to share about the business. How he and his brother got it started could have been enough, but he wanted to make sure his great team was given credit as well.

He wanted everyone to know how much he appreciates his team, so we gave them a special section called "The Heart of Our Company."


New Shop

Keeping a rough feel was important. Brad wanted to make sure things felt textured with clean edges, just like his stone. We did a few things to improve the user experience while keeping the same old-school feel.

  • Overlay on the background to help readability

  • Borders on product images to help them POP

  • Large, bold text for easier reading

While SEO changes can take months to have an effect, user experience is instant. Within 2 weeks we've seen an increase in users, engagement, and rank while decreasing the clicks they make in the process.