Westword Press

This was the site for a copywriter trying to give her clients a single source of information about her services. We got the site copy in record time and this site was up in less than a week.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Text centered design
  • Use the site copy as her portfolio

In a new age where creators are scared of AI taking their jobs, Shante decided to use it as a tool to help her clients.

Even with the best prompts, AI usually reads pretty robotic. Instead, she uses it as a personal research assistant that can teach her things.

Service Pages

We decided to sit back and let her work speak for itself. We went with a very minimalist design, basically just breaking up her copy into digestible chunks. Kadence theme worked great for this and it's easy for her to edit.


Pictures are great for telling a story, but they also pull attention away from the words. Being a copywriter portfolio, she wanted her words to be the attention-seeker.


A wall of text may be very informative, but it doesn't make people want to read it. We broke everything down so clients can easily find any information they're looking for.

My website is beautiful, functional, and branded exactly like I wanted