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We Don't Like sites that are Fancy for no reason

We can take one look at a site and tell when a designer got new tools. Most of the time they look prety, but don't help the user get where they need to be. This is a page of what NOT to do with your website

Sliding sections suck right?

So why are you making customers use them?

Your website isn't a powerpoint

User First

AutoPlay sliders, taking over user control, slapping them with messages, even text alignment plays a role in customer experience. Since your website is often their first experience with you, why make it difficult, slow and hard to navigate?

If it's not done with a purpose for a potential customer or client, there's no reason for it to be taking up room on you site.

Don't hide your form behind a button on a pop-up, if you want them to fill out your contact form, put it on your contact page.

Read the text below these images

black and white illustration of how difficult web design can be

Stop Hiding

Your Content

tech illustration of how complicated web design can be

If users have to work for it

They probably won't see it

If you didn't tap or hover over the last 2 images, you missed stuff. Hiding your content on sliders, tabs, flips, clicks, and hovers makes it hard for search engines to index and chances are you customers aren't doing all of that.

This is a heading.

Kind of difficult to read though right?

This is a heading people can read

You should never sacrifice your content for an image. If the image is that important, put it in a column or it's own section.

Light theme or dark, there's no excuse

Our sites rank because we put the customer first.

If any of this is on your site, you're throwing money away.

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Maintenance, and SEO

We're Alex and Shante, a two-person team with a passion for helping companies  like yours establish a strong online presence that makes users want to come back.

Fake Cookies

Adding a bunch of options to this makes users click out, not in. Why not just say "if you keep using this site, you agree to cookies"?
illustration of a frustrated woman working on her computer

Third times the charm right?

If you didn't click the first 2 this one is sure to seal the deal right?




Do you like them yet?

What about the slider moving in the background? Is that distracting?
illustration of a blonde woman looking angrily at her computer
tech illustration of how complicated web design can be

Do you ever click a pop-up?

Here's a secret, Your customers won't either. It's just annoying them.

They may remember your site, but it won't be for good things.